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Roller wrap tape is silicone rubber roller wrap pressure sensitive tape. Excellent release and grip features with dimple face. It is used for wrapping rollers on web printing presses and web converting machines, Adhesive tape rewinding machines. The special silicone release coating keeps inks, coatings, and adhesives from roller build up.

The roller on printing equipment, coating machinery, rewinding machinery need run much smoother for longer periods of time. The roller surface have to touch ink and adhesive long time. Roller wrap tape will be covering rollers to prevent ink and adhesive buildup. This roller covering tape is specifically designed to protect rollers, drums and mandrels in above machinery.

Roller wrap tape surface have two non-slip patterns: Black Diamond and Grey Dimpled.

Roller wrap tape is use to roller wrap covering on web processing and adhesive tape rewinding, the release surface allows the ink and adhesive materials to pass easily over the rollers while still driving and controlling the web.

Roller Covering Tape

Tape Application

Roller wrap tape was specifically designed for roller wrapping applications in the printing, textiles, adhesive tape manufacturing and many converting industries.

  • Printing industries
  • Textile industries
  • Label printing machinery
  • General, web-based processing & converting industries
Roller Wrapping Tape

Technical Data Sheet

Total thickness: 0.8mm

Roll size: 50mmx25m, 100mmx25m

Texture of the silicone: Dimpled

Color of the silicone:Grey

Special finish:Self-adhesive