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High Temperature Aluminum Foil Glass Cloth Tape ML827 is a highly conformable masking tape for parts with complex geometries or hard-to-reach areas, while offering good abrasion resistance. It create clean edges on removal and is designed with a clean removal adhesive.

Aluminum Foil Glass Cloth Tape Structure:

  • High temperature resistant glass cloth reinforced foil backing.
  • Coating with a high temperature resistant silicone adhesive.
  • Protected by an easy-release silicone release paper.

Aluminum Foil Tape Applications:

High temperature Aluminum foil glass cloth tape is a thermal spray masking tape. It is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, healthcare industries. It is use for shielding protection of Plasma spray coating, Gas fuelled HVOF, Flame spray, Vapor deposition.

Technical Data:



Backing Thickness

140 Micron

Total Thickness

190 Micron

Adhesion to Steel


Tack Rolling Ball


Tensile Strength

350 N/25mm



Service Temperature


Log Roll:

500mm x 33m: 20″ x 36yds