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PET Foil Vapor Barrier

PET Foil vapor barrier is an excellent reflective laminated insulation facing. In order to increase the tensile strength and mechanical impact resistance of the foil, Aluminum foil laminated to Polyester film layers with glue. It maybe consists of PET-Foil, PET-Foil-PET or Foil-PET-Foil.

The foil layer in foil PET insulation facing serves as a reflective surface that helps to reduce radiant heat transfer. It reflects radiant heat back into the space, preventing it from penetrating the insulation and escaping the building. This reflective property can enhance the overall thermal performance of the insulation system. PET foil vapor barrier combines the excellent vapor barrier properties of aluminum with the outstanding mechanical and thermal characteristics of polyester film, giving a ideal, flexible and efficient barrier material, suitable for outdoor use.

The PET film layer provides strength and durability to the facing material. It helps to protect the foil layer from damage during installation and provides resistance against tearing or puncturing. The PET film also acts as a vapor barrier, reducing moisture transmission through the insulation and helping to prevent condensation.


PET Foil Vapor Barrier Insulation

Foil-PET & PET-Foil

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