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Carpet Installation Tape is a Double Coated Tape with diagonal scrim carrier. When it comes to keeping a rug in place, a double-sided carpet tape product is often used. Adhesive found on both sides of the tape make it possible to create a strong bond between the backing of the carpet and the floor surface. This type of tape is usually found in rolls, as with any other type of tape product, and is an ideal solution for any carpet that is not manufactured as a no-slip rug. Scrim reinforced adhesive Carpet installation tape has diagonal scrim as the carrier add stability. The scrim reinforced carpet tape adds extra support to the adhesive.

Carpet Seam Tape 

Carpet Tape Application

  • For the permanent installation of carpet, moldings and trim.

  • Does not require tack strips or seaming irons.

  • Aggressive, acrylic adhesive with reinforced scrim webbing for extra strength.

  • Works on indoor and outdoor installations.

Carpet installation tape application

Carpet Tape Features

  • Ideal for permanent installation or repair of carpet.
  • Acrylic adhesive reinforced for strength.
  • Easy to apply without a tack strip or seaming iron.
  • Bonds instantly, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Non-toxic and odor free.
  • Highly adhesive, can be used on wood.

Technical Data Sheet

Support: PES / PVA Diagonal Scrim
Adhesive Weight: 230-280g/m²
Total Thickness: 0.24mm
Temperature Resistance: -40 to +140°C
Adhesive Strength (Contact Time 1 Hour): Min 25 N/25mm
Liner: Kraft release paper, 110 gsm Double sided silicone
Peel Adhesion to Steel(Based on Afera 5001): 37N/25mm
Dynamic Shear Resistance(Based on FTM 18): 0.14N/mm²