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Double sided carpet tape’s carrier typically made from a strong and durable Fiberglass scrim, and the adhesive used is a high-tack adhesive that provides a strong bond. The fiberglass scrim carrier to enhance its strength and prevent stretching or tearing. It essentially eliminates the need for traditional tack strips or nails, offering a convenient and often damage-free way to secure carpets.

Best Double Sided Carpet Tape

Carpet Tape Applications

Double sided carpet tape is commonly used in residential and commercial settings to keep carpets and rugs in place, preventing them from shifting or wrinkling. It is particularly useful in high-traffic areas or locations where the carpet is not anchored by furniture.

To use double sided carpet tape, you would typically cut the tape to the desired length, remove the backing to expose the adhesive, and then press the tape firmly onto the carpet or rug. Once in place, you can remove the remaining backing and adhere the carpet or rug to the desired surface, such as a floor or stair tread.

It’s important to note that double-sided carpet tape is intended for temporary or semi-permanent use. If you need a more permanent solution for carpet installation, professional installation methods like carpet tacks, carpet glue, or carpet stretching may be more appropriate.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape for Carpet

Technical Data Sheet

Adhesive Type: Water-based acrylic adhesive.

Medium adhesion: Yellow painters tape has a medium-high adhesion level that tends to stick well to various surfaces and remove reliably.

Backing / Carrier: Yellow washi paper

Total Thickness: 92 µm

MD tensile strenght: 30 N/cm

MD elongation at break: 3.5%

Adhesion to steel plate: 1.4N/cm

Service temperature: up to 80°C