Chroma Key Tape

Chroma Key tape is a special color gaffer tape, Chromakey Colored Gaffer Tape. So it also is a single-faced adhesive tape of polyethylene (PE) laminated spun rayon cloth backing which is coated by rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). The surface of polyethylene (PE) is matte-finished, and diffuses light reflection.

  • Introduction


Chroma key tape is used for invisible seaming of chroma colored backdrops and chroma key green screen. It also named chroma tape, digital blue keying tape and digital green keying tape. Chroma Tape is a matte finish tape with matte chroma key green, Chroma key blue and matte chroma key purple.Chroma Tape is similar color to digital key background cloth in photo studio.


For lighting crews,Chroma Tape can be used to seal background cloth where lights are to be aimed and to nail a piece of cloth to a wall for a headshot background.



Has a matte backing to prevent light reflection;

Is designed for temporary adhesion applications;

Can be removed cleanly without damage or adhesive residue;


Chroma Key tape is a special color gaffers tape use for repair and match blue screens and green screens.

Matte Chroma Key Green Tape

Matte Chroma Key Purple Tape

Matte Chroma Key Blue Tape


Roll Size

50mm x 25m     @30Rolls/Carton

2” x 18 yds      @30 Rolls/Carton


Technical Data

Total thickness ( mm )                   0.3

Peel adhesion ( kg/25mm )               0.8

Rewinding force ( kg/50mm )              4

Tensile strength ( kg/25mm )              16

Holding power ( 25mm x 25mm / 40℃ )     60mins

Ball tack ( cm / Ball No. 20 )               10

Temperature resistance 1h/℃             –35 / up to +90

Storage life ( 20℃ / 60% )                12 months





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