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High temperature duct tape is usable for both interior and exterior applications and is suitable for long-term purposes. The cloth tape is water resistant, abrasion resistant, and is able to withstand paints, and organic solvents. After usage, the tape can be removed without leaving residues behind, even after having been exposed to high temperatures.

High Temp Duct Tape

Duct Tape Applications

  • Heat resistant masking during the production of vehicles and machines;

  • Window frame masking;

  • Even repeated oven drying is possible;

  • Permanent interior and exterior hole covering;

  • Covering of screw tap holes and drainage boreholes;

  • Partial masking during treatment with impregnating agents;

  • Fastening of cables e.g. on roof linings, door panels, mirrors;

  • Masking during electrostatic powder coating.


Duct Tape Features

  • High temperature resistant;
  • Removable without residues;
  • Very ageing-resistant;
  • High resistance to paint solvents;
  • Abrasion resistant;
  • Available in many different colors.
High Temp Cloth Tape

Technical Data Sheet


Copolymer-coated cloth
Total thickness: 0.31mm

Peel adhesion:


Rewinding force:

Tensile strength: 26Kg/25mm

Holding power:

15mins, 25mm x 25mm /40℃
Ball tack: 15cm / ball No.20
Temperature resistance: 100 hr / ℃
Application temperature: 5-40℃