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PVC duct tape is a general purpose duct tape.

The highly conformable backing has good impact and abrasion resistance as well as good electrical insulation properties.

PVC duct tape has a soft, rubber-like and flexible consistency, even at low temperatures.

It prevents air leakage and stops dirt, dust and fumes from entering system.

Adheres to metals, foam, most plastics or glassfibre materials.

The PVC film carrier can be flat or embossed easy tear by hand.

Colors: Black, White, Silver gray, Light yellow, Orange.

Duct Tape PVC

Duct Tape Applications

  • The main application of PVC duct tape is related to HVAC duct works.

  • Most of PVC adhesive tape used as Air conditioner tape, Air duct tape, Ventilation tape, Range hood tape.

  • It will be provide an excellent bond to HVAC thermal insulation materials wrapping, vent duct, air conditioner duct fixing or sealing.

  • PVC duct tape also used for protection wrapping tape of pipelines anti-corrosion system.

  • As outer wrapping tape, good anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, all weather protection, strong viscosity, good impact resistance, excellence tear resistance, anti-abrasions.

Duct Tape Features

  • The rubber adhesive holds well on a wide variety of surfaces;
  • Highly conformable backing with good impact and abrasion resistance, even at low temperatures;
  • Good electrical insulation properties and UV-stability;
  • Good performance of acid and alkali resistance;
  • External corrosion prevention and repair of metal pipelines;
  • For repair and binding of ventilation and heating equipment.
Duct Tape With PVC Backing

Technical Data Sheet

Tape Thickness:

Tensile Strength at Break: 15.7 N/10mm 
Elongation at Break: 100% 
Adhesion to Steel: 1.6 N/10mm 
Service Temperature: 0°C to 70°C 

Application Temperature:

0°C to 40°C

Recommended Storage Temperature:

10°C to 20°C

Shelf Life:

12 months

Length of Roll:


Width of Tape:

25, 38, 50, 75, 100, 150mm
Core Size: 76mm