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Reinforced foil tape provides high strength backing and reflective aluminum backing. They are the excellent aluminum vent tape and AC foil tape for air conditioner duct wrapping and sealing.

Reinforced foil tape include the various types of HVAC tape backing:

FSK Tape (Foil-scrim-kraft) , PSK Tape (PP-scrim-kraft), ASJ Tape (All service Jacket), Foil-scrim Tape, Alumimum Foil / Glass cloth tape.

The aluminum foil tape provides high strength and reflectivity with excellent flexibility. They are the vapor barrier as the thermal insulation tapes. The aluminum foil tape protects insulation materials better and make insulation materials working more effectively in HVAC system and building thermal insulation.

FSK tape and aluminum foil glass cloth tape are reflective aluminum tape with aluminum foil surface backing. The PSK tape and ASJ tape are vent tape use for air conditioner duct sealing.