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Repulpable single coated tape is a high strength extensible flat paper tape. This splicing tape is composed of 3 parts: a flat-back paper as carrier, a modified water soluble acrylic adhesive, a whole release paper as liner.

Repulpable single coated tape with liner is suitable for automatic core starters, slitters, rewinders, sheeters, rereelers and winders.

Repulpable Single Coated Splicing Tape

Splicing Tape Application

  • Manual permanent butt-splicing in both coated and uncoated papers and cellulosic materials

  • Use in automatic butt-splice applicators

  • For roll finishing, core starting

  • Cover tape for safety splices and perfect splices

  • Hole patching

Tapes Features

  • Thin but strong backing to allow a low total splice thickness.
  • Printable and coatable backing for easy further processing.
  • Very high shear strength.
  • Very high heat resistance.
  • Very good adhesion values is certified by independent laboratories for:

    (1) Repulpability according to TAPPI UM-213 over full pH-range (pH3 – pH9);

    (2) Resistance against calcium carbonate (CaCO3) according to PTS 302/13;

    (3) Highly visible bluecolor allows for easy splice detection and roll edge visibility.

Repulpable Strong Single Coated Tape

Tape Construction

Total thickness 110 µm (4.3mils).

Backing material flat paper.

Type of adhesive repulpable tackified acrylic.

Type of liner repulpable siliconised paper.

Properties / Performance





Ball Tack:

No.10 over

Holding power:

180 sec over

38mm x 50m


50mm x 50m