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Repulpable hole patch tape backing is also printable and accepts coating to help assure high quality printing without flaking or print distortion. Strong backing provides reliable hole patching that holds through coaters and supercalenders-increasing yield through mill or printing operations. The repulpable hole patch tape high shear strength adhesive holds firmly to many grades of paper to help reduce the number of splices.It is cutting the single side tape into a rounded patch larger than the holes, then press the patch into place over the hole.

Hole Patch Tape Applications:

Hole patch tape is commonly used in paper mills, packaging facilities, printing companies, and other industries where paper products are manufactured, processed, or recycled.

It is particularly useful for repairing damaged packaging materials before they are shipped or used, helping to ensure the integrity of the packaging during transportation.

Tape Technical Data:

Item Specification Result Test Method
Release Liner   100gsm one side silicone
Adhesive   Water soluble acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness 90um 90 Mitutoyo thickness gauge
Tape color   clear  
Adhesion 900 gr/25mm 1240 180˚ peel strength 300mm/m
Ball tack No.10 13 Slope of 30˚, steel ball tack test
Holding power 180 Sec 300 150℃, 25mmx25mm, 1kg