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Single sided splice tape with slitted liner is suitable for butt splicing. In paper mills and printing plants, a splice is a process by which two rolls are combined using tape in order to create one seamless continuous roll. 

Overlap or flying splicing is done by applying a single-coated tape with Slitted Liner to the end of the roll. The liner of the splice tape is then removed to expose the second side of the adhesive and the new roll is overlapped to the adhesive, and ultimately joining the two together.

Single Sided Splice Tape Applications

This type of splice tape finds use in various industries for web processing tasks, including:

Paper Manufacturing: Joining paper webs for continuous printing or converting processes.

Plastic Film Manufacturing: Connecting film rolls for ongoing production and creating laminated films.

Textile Manufacturing: Seaming fabric rolls for textile converting or creating specific lengths of fabric.

Other Web Processing: Splicing tapes can also be used in various industrial settings for joining other flexible materials like non-woven fabrics, foils, and more.


<strong>Tape Structure:&lt;/strong>

Structure of Single sided splice tape

Adhesive Water soluble Modified Acrylic Adhesive
Backing 60gsm Repulpable Paper
Liner 90gsm Slitted release paper
Tape Thickness 110±3um
Tape color Blue
Ball tack at 25℃ Ball No.11
Adhesion to Steel 900gf/25mm
Heat Resistance 150 ℃