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Single sided repulpable tape have flat paper carrier and water-soluble adhesive. The tapes can be 100% biodegradable, recyclable and repulpable. In the paper mill broke waste and prevents contamination, the Repulpable tapes construction don’t need to remove splice joints. Repulpable means that it can be recycled to the paper pulp in water. The repulpable tape’s backing and glue can be dissolve in water.


Single sided repulpable tape’s backing is engineered for optimum strength for splicing, tabbing and roll closing. It offers a high shear strength, high-tack, repulpable adhesive designed to bond to a wide variety of paper grades. Single sided repulpable tape performs well at higher temperatures.

Single Sided Repulpable Tape Without Liner
  • No.100B

    Light flat-back paper, conformable backing makes tape ideal for splicing, tabbing and roll closing applications on a wide variety of papers.

  • No.200B-130

    Medium flat-back paper, high shear strength splicing tape. Holds rolls closed and allows for roll movement without breaking the tape.

  • No.200B-170

    Heavy flat-back paper, high strength splicing tape. Holds rolls closed better through the stops and starts of automated roll handling.

Repulpable Tape Features

  • Color: Blue, Clear, Pink
  • Very high tack properties
  • Strong, conformable backing
  • Good adhesion values on wide variety of paper grades
  • Good repulpability over full pH-range (pH3 –pH9)
High Shear Strength Repulpable Splicing Tape

Repulpable Tape Applications

  • Core starting
  • Roll closing/tabbing
  • Butt splicing wide variety of paper grades

Repulpable Tape Data


Water soluble Modified Acrylic Adhesive


Repulpable flat back paper

Product Code




Tape Thickness


130±5 um

170±5 um

Tape color

Clear, Blue, Pink

Clear, Blue, Pink

Clear, Blue, Pink

Ball tack at 25℃

Ball No.11

Adhesion to Steel


Heat Resistance

150 ℃

Tape Structure

Single Sided Repulpable Tape Structure