What is Gaffer duct tape?


China gaffers tape is a special cloth duct tape with various colors and matte surface.

SLAA are china suppliers that manufacturers of gaffer duct tape.

Gaffer duct tape is a single-faced adhesive tape, it include PE laminated spun rayon cloth backing and natural rubber adhesive.

China gaffer tape use for film & television production, and also use for theatre, concerts, live shows. So it’s also named gaff tape, stage tape.

In film Industry, production crews in television, motion pictures, concerts, and live shows, use gaffers tape to fix cables, carpets and other short-term set-ups.

Features of Gaffers tape:
Has a matte backing to prevent light reflection.
Easy tear by hand, various colors.
Can be removed cleanly without damage or adhesive residue.

china gaffer duct tape



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