Splice Tape

Single-side Repulpable Splicing Tape

The single sided Repulpable Splicing Tape consists of a Water soluble Modified Acrylic Adhesive, coated on a Repulpable paper carrier. The adhesive offers a strong tack and excellent thermal resistance.

In paper mills and printing plants, a splice is a process by which two rolls are combined using tape in order to create one seamless continuous roll. Single-coated splicing tape is suitable for butt splicing.

Butt splice.  This is a single-sided splice. The paper is not overlapped; rather it butts up against each other and you use a single-sided tape to connect the two pieces over the seam.

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Technical Data


Water soluble Modified Acrylic Adhesive


Repulpable Paper

Product Code




Tape Thickness


130±5 um

170±5 um

Tape color




Ball tack at 25℃

Ball No.11

Adhesion to Steel


Heat Resistance

150 ℃



General purpose tape for manual splice roll changes and fixing roll ends.

Butt splices, Core starting, End taping.

Butt splicing requires a single coated splicing tape and is done by laying the two paper rolls, side by side. With a single coated splicing tape, two ends are joined together.

Repulpability of splices/splicing tape can come in with repulpable materials and it have good repulpability of splices in water.


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