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How to use Splice Tape?

Posted on June 15th, 2023

Splicing tape plays a crucial role in the paper industry, ensuring seamless production and maintaining the integrity of paper rolls. In the paper industry, splicing tape is commonly used for joining the end of one paper roll to the beginning of another, allowing for continuous production in printing, converting, and other paper processing operations. The splicing tape is applied to the end of the expiring roll and the beginning of the new roll, creating a seamless transition that minimizes downtime and waste.

The tape used in the paper industry needs to have specific properties to ensure a strong and reliable bond without leaving any residue or affecting the quality of the paper. It should also be able to withstand the tension and stress of high-speed paper processing machinery.

To use splicing tape, follow these general steps:

Using Splicing Tpae Step 1

Fold back top paper sheet of the new paper reel

Using Splicing Tpae Step 2

Apply the Splice tape along the tube axis

Using Splicing Tpae Step 3

Remove the narrow part of the liner of splicing tape

Using Splicing Tpae Step 4

Stick the top paper sheet on the splicing tape

Using Splicing Tpae Step 5

Fold back the overlapping paper sheet

Using Splicing Tpae Step 6

Cut away the overlapping paper sheet

Using Splicing Tpae Step 7

Remove the other part of liner of splicing tape

Using Splicing Tpae Step 8

Ready to splice paper reel

Repulpable double-sided integrated flying splice tape is high speed coater that consisting of repulpable paper and coated modified water soluble acrylic adhesive.

Slit liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet.

Adhesive formulation with very high tack properties for excellent contact between expiring web and new reel.

Two splitting strips with paper backing for a smooth opening of the new paper reel without jeopardizing the coating process.

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