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Why is your painters tape pulling off paint?

Posted on March 13th, 2023

Many factors can cause painters tape pulling off paint as you remove it, causing damage and wasted time if you have to repaint. We have explored some of the common causes of damage paint, ways to prevent it and ways to fix it after the damage is done. Plus, we offer some tips for selecting the right tape for your job. Learn how to choose, apply and remove painters tape for a professional finished look.

We explored almost all of the factors of painters tape pulling off paint, including:

Not applicable surface;
Unfavorable temperature;
Waiting time is too long;
Exposure to outdoor UV.

But the current type of Painters tape completely covers the impact of the above reasons. You just need to choose the right type of Painters tape to perfectly avoid the damage from the above reasons.

Now we show you how different types of SLAA painters tape can avoid the above problems.

Blue Painters Tape

Blue Painters Tape

Apply to rough surface, Temperature resistant up to 60°C, Indoor removal within 14days, Out door removal within 7 days.

View Blue Painters Tape

Yellow Painters Tape

Yellow Painters Tape

Apply to automotive painting, Temperature resistant up to 80°C, Indoor removal within 60days, Out door removal within 30 days.

View Yellow Painters Tape

Painters Tape Green

Green Painters Tape

Apply to sensitive surfaces, such as wallpapers, plaster and fresh paints. Temperature resistant up to 60°C, Indoor removal within 90days.

View Green Painters Tape

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How To Remove On The Sensitive Surfaces

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