The TAPPI Standard Test Methods of Repulpability & Recyclability Repulpability of splice tape & splicing tape


The TAPPI Standard Test Methods of splice tape & splicing tape

A) Apparatus
- Blender(Max. 3,000rpm, capacity : 1,500ml, 4 blades)
- Beaker with 500ml
- Sieve(120㎛, Ø200mm)
- Filter paper with Ø200mm
- Room temperature water
- Stop watch
- 70-80g/㎡ wood free printing paper

B) Procedure.
1. Making the specimens
Attach the repulpable tape on the wood free printing paper
Cut to 1cm x 1cm for total 3-3.3g weight
2. Put the specimens into blender with 500ml of room temperature (23-25℃) tap water.
3. After 5 minutes, run blender for 1 minutes and stop the blending for 30seconds
Repeat above blending 4 times.
4. Pour the water with blended specimens into a sieve.
5. Remove the water from sieve by vacuum pump.
6. Check the blended specimens by visual checking
7. Separate the blended specimen from sieve and put between the filter paper
8. Drying process the blended specimens between filter paper
9. Separate the specimens (handsheet) from filter paper.
10. If the hansheet separate well from filter paper, water solubility is O.K,
If not, solubility is poor
11. After separation the handsheet from filter paper, check residual by visual checking.
Click download the document UM 213-A TAPPI Useful Method (UM)


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