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What is the difference between Green,Yellow and Blue painters tape?

Posted on December 8th, 2022

Painters Tape Paper Backing

While both Green, blue and yellow painters tapes are coating Water-based acrylic adhesive. Blue painters tape has a Blue crepe paper, which has a large thickness and large tensile strength. On the other hand, Green and Yellow painters tape has a Washi paper that tends to better conformable.

Painters Tape Bleeding

Blue painters tape may bleed or leave residue behind. The yellow painter’s tape will not bleed or pucker when using water-based lucite house paints as masking tape does.

But Yellow painters tape will damage the already painted wall after peel off. When you masked off some areas on the wall sprayed with latex paint, maybe you left the tape on overnight. When you see the result, The wall has distinct lines and mottling in the nitro where the colored painters tape had resided. The chemical in the colored painters tape has reacted with the Nitro. The tape’s adhesive has migrated into the nitro lacquer, swelling the finish under the tape.

Green painters tape is a safe colored painters tape for nitro finish. It is Painters masking tape DON NOT damage to Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

Painters Tape Residue

The adhesive on blue painters tape could also cause the tape to leave a sticky residue behind. The mess is difficult to clean. However, Green and Yellow painters tape does work well if you’re painting walls because it comes off glass cleanly.

Painters Tape Clean Lines

Technically, both colored painters tape types can help you achieve a clean, straight line. However, Yellow painters tape tends to adhere to surfaces better and longer. You can leave yellow painters tape on a surface for up to 14 days without causing harm. Blue painters tape can also produce clean lines if you remove it within 3 days of applying it, but the tape is not reliable for a long time.

Alternatively, yellow painters tapes include an absorbent polymer barrier that keeps paint out and helps produce extra-sharp lines. Using this type of yellow painters tape is ideal if you’re planning to paint shapes, stripes, or decorative patterns.

Blue painters tape vs. Yellow painters tape vs. Green painters tape

  Blue painters tape Yellow painters tape Green painters tape
Thickness 120 µm 92 µm 75 µm
Strength 38 N/cm 30 N/cm 30 N/cm
Adhesion 2.1N/cm 1.4N/cm 0.45N/cm
Max temperature 60°C 80°C 60°C
Conformable Medium Excellent Excellent
Clean Lines Medium Excellent Excellent
Bleeding Maybe Wihtout Wihtout
Residue 14 days Wihtout 30 days Wihtout 90 days Wihtout
UV-Resistant None 30 days 7 days
Moisture-Resistant Excellent Excellent Medium


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