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What is Tape Splicing ?

Posted on April 20th, 2023

Splicing tape is a splicer for web press and paper mill that is used for continuous production. Tape splicing to join 2 rolls of materials to increase the length or provide continuity of substrate. It works by “pasting” an expiring roll onto the next so that the press does not have to stop. 

Splicing tapes are available in a variety of carriers with different adhesive systems. They may be single or double-coated, have a polyester, film, or paper carrier, have high temperature adhesives, be repulpable, and have other features as well.

Splicing tapes include single-sided repulpable splicing tape, double-sided repulpable splicing tape, repulpable flying splice tape, non-repulpable flying splice tape, splittable flying splice tape.

Single Sided Repulpable Tape

It is single sided tape without liner, Repulpable tape, Paper splicing tape.

Single sided repulpable tape without liner consisting of a flat back paper and a modified water soluble acrylic adhesive. It can be used on Manual splices, Butt splicing, Core starting, End taping, Rolls closing.

High Shear Strength Repulpable Splicing Tape


Single Sided Repulpable Tape

No.200B-130, No.200B-170

Double Sided Repulpable Tape

Double sided repulpable tape has a non-woven tissue carrier, coated on both sides with a modified water soluble acrylic adhesive.

It is designed for the paper mills and paper converters, the web press and re-reeler. It can be used to Manual splices, Core starting, End taping, Rolls closing, overlap splicing the paper.

Double Sided Repulpable Tape


Flying Splice Tape

Flying spice tape is a special structure tape with Slitted release paper liner and fixed trips. 

How is this flying tape work?

-With slitted liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet.

-With splitting strips with paper backing for a smooth opening of the new paper reel without jeopardizing the coating process.

The flying splice tape is a high speed splicing tape for a paper reel. It is used for continuous production. It works by joint an expiring reel onto the next so that the high speed machine does not have to stop.

The “flying” aspect of it indicates that it allow the paper reel to the same speed of the machine and then quickly performs the splice.

Flying Splice Tape


Repulpable Splice Tape


No Repulpable Flying Splice Tape

No repulpable flying splice tape is designed for splicing release coated paper and film in elevated temperature or in conditions where initial high tack is required.

It can be used for Web press splice, Flexographic printing splice, Label stock splice, Release liner splice. It can be used in “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces coating applications that require a high speed splicing applications.

Film Flying Splice Tape


Label Stock Splicing Tape


Flexographic Printing Splicing Tape


High Speed Splicing Tape


Splittable Flying Splice Tape

Splittable flying splice tape is a high speed splicing tape made with splittable paper carrier or splittable film carrier. The tape backing carrier is laminated film or repulpable paper. It will separate in 2 single coated tapes. This special splitting layer for consistent splicing at high speeds. 

Splittable Flying Splice Tape can Splits into two Single-sided tapes


Repulpable Double Sided Tape


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